Day 7

So if you haven’t been completely sold on the whole no processed sugar, eating paleo, cooking real food lifestyle, please just read for a moment so I can reel you back in.

I’m about to hit you with a couple of truths – it’s gonna look real bad at first, but just stick with me, it gets better.

Truth #1: I have not been working out.

I’m gonna out myself a little bit here and say that, just because I send you guys a couple of workout videos doesn’t mean I’ve been doing them. I tried out one or two of the videos I sent, and ran one 8-minute mile that had me hunched over in agony by the end – the truth is, college has gotten me painfully out of shape.

Truth #2: I drank all weekend.

In my defense, I went to a concert, a high school graduation (which involved a much needed reunion with old friends back from college), and it was Memorial Day Weekend. No, consuming any form of alcohol isn’t encouraged by strict paleos, but technically wines and certain fruit based liquors don’t really break the rules as long as your aren’t adding them to sugary juice mixers and sodas. But if you’re wondering, yes, I cheated and had beer. (all under family supervision of course ;)) If it’s any consolation I had a greeeeat time.

Truth #3: In a week I’ve lost 5 pounds.

I spent the past week living what I would consider a fun, normal life in which I didn’t miss out on anything because I was trying to adhere to some strict “diet.” I went out to dinner with my friends, I went to a concert, I ate Chipotle, I didn’t starve myself, I wasn’t a compulsive gym-a-holic, and I really enjoyed myself. I even ate late-night drunchies like I admittedly do a lot, but instead of eating a sleeve of Oreos, I made myself a turkey burger with salsa – and it was delicious. On top of all of that, I actually lost weight, and I think that says everything. Now that being said, I was by no means sedentary for a week – I took my dog on walks every morning, I did work around my house, and kayaked on my lake. I also wasn’t chugging cups of mystery-alcohol punch or doing keg stands.

The only thing I have changed in my life is my diet, and I feel like I have sacrificed nothing because the changes are realistic – I’m still living my life essentially the same and not letting “dieting” interfere with having fun.

The reality is, sometimes you are going to miss some workouts, whether it be for a couple days or a couple weeks. Sometimes you are going to buy tickets the night before a concert because why not, and if you don’t crack open a cold beer on a hot summer night, you’re doing it wrong.

If this doesn’t convince you that cutting out processed foods and sugar, and eating the way we are genetically meant to eat, will change your life, then I guess I’ve failed here.

PLEASE understand, I am in no way saying that you are dumb or ignorant for eating bread or pasta or cheese, I am just showing you that this works, and I wouldn’t be hyping about it if I didn’t really believe in it and see real results.

So, if my testimony has managed to convince or inspire you in changing a few of your eating habits, here’s my plan for Day 7, Cheers!

DRINK 8 oz. of water

Do 20 pushups to get your blood flowing.


  • 8 oz. waterIMG_7266
  • paleo pancakes (again, just 1 banana + 2 eggs = pancakes. I added cinnamon, drizzled on about 1 tbs of honey, and topped with some sliced peaches)

DRINK 16 oz. of water by lunch


  • I had leftover cauliflower rice from dinner last night, but today would be a great day for a strawberry and blueberry salad with chicken, or check out this awesome strawberry & kale salad I found on Garlic My Soul:

DRINK 8 oz. of water after lunch.


  • 8 oz. of water
  • Turkey burger with avocado
  • For a bun, you can substitute bread with portobello mushroom caps, or slices of sweet potato


So I joined a Bootcamp class today because I believe one of the best, most efficient ways to exercise is HIIT (high intensity interval training). I gave you guys a few good videos to do – Jillian Michaels loves HIIT as well – and you by no means need to go buy a gym membership. Just don’t be sedentary. Go on walks and runs. Go hiking. Go biking. Do your yoga-pilates-barre business. Do something everyday.

But hey, if you just watched a five hour Criminal Minds marathon, I get that too – now go eat an apple.



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