Day 16

Today is one of the most important days of the entire year: my momma’s birthday.

And the one thing I’ve always done to get her day started off on the right foot is cook her a big “I appreciate you so much, you are truly the queen” breakfast.

It doesn’t hurt to have fresh flowers too. FullSizeRender (17)

So, for today’s post, I figured I’d give you guys some breakfast ideas that are a little more alluring than your average veggie scramble.

My Choice of Breakfast Egg Bake: Plaid & Paleo’s Sausage and Sweet Potato Casserole


I would try to use a lean turkey sausage if you could find it – if not, not a big deal, regular sausage is definitely paleo and deeelicious. This breakfast definitely sounds like it would be filling, very satisfying, and a nice comfort food to kickstart the good birthday feels. Checkout the recipe here:

My Choice of Muffins: Savory Lotus’s Carrot Ginger Muffins

Carrot-Ginger-Coconut-Muffins-gluten-free-grain-free-paleo-savorylotus-1102x734My mom loves ginger, and brews her own ginger tea every morning. Ginger has a very powerful, clean flavor that compliments anything it’s paired with. Also you’re getting those sneaky veggies in there with the carrots. Here’s the recipe:

My Choice of Bread: Bakerita’s Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread


This is definitely a much more decadent breakfast option. As far as the chocolate goes, to keep it truly paleo you can actually make your own paleo chocolate, or use Enjoy Life brand paleo chocolate chips. Check out this recipe here:

My Choice of Waffle: Paleo Newbie’s Sweet Potato Waffles


Sweet potatoes have such a naturally sweet flavor, I have to imagine that they would probably be a super yummy base for a waffle. You gotta eat these hot and fresh off the waffle iron. Here’s the recipe:

My Choice of Pancakes: Foraged Dish’s Pear and Bacon Pancakes


I really like that this dish gets some meat in there – if you want to keep it lean, try turkey bacon, but I have a feeling the saltiness of normal bacon probably does these pancakes a lot of favors.

My Choice of Omelette: Bacon & Avocado Omelette


Didn’t really find a specific recipe for this omelette, but if I were constructing it, mine would have eggs + bacon + green onion + spinach + mushrooms + garlic salt, and then top it with sliced avocado + cilantro. 

I would also serve this omelette with some fried plantainsPlantains are one of my all time favorites, so I’ll try to make these for you guys soon!!!

Hopefully these recipes help liven up some of your breakfast options – I know I’ve been feeling like I was eating a lot of eggs and avocado lately.

Now, my mom’s birth-weekend can officially begin! Cheers.



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