Day 17

Hey Guys!

So I always like to give people Netflix recommendations — again if you STILL HAVEN’T WATCHED FED UP seriously go watch it — and also Netflix warnings.525469

I have a Netflix warning for you today. Do not watch Would You Rather – you may be tempted because you’re like, Ooo I wonder how they’re going to make the game would you rather into a thriller movie?! and oh look Brittany Snow, I loved John Tucker Must Die!!

No. Don’t do it. Just go watch John Tucker Must Die.

I’m not going to give anything away, but Would You Rather is just unnecessarily gruesome, and that’s really all it is. And after you see the “twist” ending (I saw it coming for miles), you just feel stupid for even putting yourself through the torture.

Now, the only kind of “would you rather” question that I want to answer is: would you rather have paleo cupcakes for your birthday, or regular, didn’t-go-easy-on-the-sugar cupcakes? 

Yeahhhhh I’m definitely gonna go with the delicious gluten-filled cupcakes. Can I get a treat yo’self?

But too bad it’s not my birthday so none cupcakes for me, but it’s still my momma’s birth-weekend and on her request I made Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting.

IMG_0047FullSizeRender (18)

Now I’m not gonna lie, I used boxed chocolate cake because it’s less dishes and honestly the boxed cake always taste way better than when I try to make it from scratch. (it’s probably a personal problem)

I do, however, have a couple tips that I learned from Rachel Ray about how to make boxed cake taste even better.

  1. Instead of using regular water, add hot water – this will bring out the chocolatey flavor.
  2. I also sometimes put a tsp. of espresso powder because that also makes it taste chocolatier.
  3. After you put in your eggs, put 2 extra egg yolks in. Mo’ eggs, mo’ yummy.
  4. Instead of using vegetable oil, add the same quantity of melted butter. Butter really just tastes better.

If you aren’t looking to pig out on cupcakes today, here’s Day 17. Cheers!

DRINK 8 oz. of water when you wake up.

Do some calf raises while you brush your teeth – 20 with feet turned out, 20 straight, 20 with feet turned in.


  • 8 oz. of water
  • 2 eggs with spinach
  • Half an avocado

DRINK 16 oz. of water before lunch.


  • I would also eat some kind of protein with that soup, maybe some tuna or a turkey-lettuce wrap.

DRINK 8 oz. of water after lunch.


  • 8 oz. water
  • Chicken Burger
  • warm bacon-brussels sprout slaw from Paleo Comfort Foods. Recipe here.

Brussels sprouts are good guys, I promise. And bacon will be there, you’ll be fine.

DRINK 8 oz. of water right before bed!!



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